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DSDP Volume Volume XLVII Part 1 Table of Contents

Publication date: May 2007

Preliminary Pages

Part I: Introduction and Site Report

1. Introduction and Explanatory Notes

Shipboard Scientific Party

2. Site 397

Shipboard Scientific Party

Part II: Paleontological Studies

3. Lower Cretaceous Calcareous Nannoplankton from DSDP Hole 397A (Northwest African Margin)

Frank H. Wind and Pavel Cepek

4. Lower Cretaceous Foraminiferal Biostratigraphy, Paleoecology, and Depositional Environment at DSDP Site 397, Leg 47A

Arif Butt

5. Some Cretaceous Planktonic Foraminifers (Favusella) of DSDP Site 397 (Eastern North Atlantic)

Wolfgang Rösler, Gerhard F. Lutze, and Uwe Pflaumann

6. Early Cretaceous Mollusks from DSDP Hole 397A off Northwest Africa

Jost Wiedmann

7. Neogene and Quaternary Calcereous Nannoplankton from DSDP Site 397 (Northwest African Margin)

Pavel Cepek and Frank H. Wind

8. Miocene Foraminiferal Stratigraphy, DSDP Site 397 (Cape Bojador, North Atlantic)

Gianfranco Salvatorini and Maria Bianca Cita

9. Calibration of Late Neogene Calcereous Plankton Datum Planes with the Paleomagnetic Record of Site 397 and Correlation with Moroccan and Mediterranean Sections

Roberto Mazzei, Isabella Raffi, Domenico Rio, Norman Hamilton, and Maria Bianca Cita

10. Late Neogene

Maria Bianca Cita and Maria Rosa Colombo

11. Benthic Foraminifers at Site 397: Faunal Fluctuations and Ranges in the Quaternary

Gerhard F. Lutze

12. Oxygen and Carbon Isotope Stratigraphy of Benthic Foraminifers at Site 397: Detailed History of Climatic Change during the Late Neogene

N.J. Shackleton and M.B. Cita

13. Late Neogene Environmental Evolution

Maria Bianca Cita and William B.F. Ryan

Part II: Paleomagnetic Studies

14. A Paleomagnetic Study of Sediments from Site 397 Northwest African Continental Margin

Norman Hamilton

15. Validation of Middle Pliocene to Pleistocene Paleomagnetic Reversal Record Using Diatom and Silicoflagellate Datum Levels

Lloyd H. Burckle

16. Preliminary Magnetic Fabric Studies of Lower Cretaceous Sediments from DSDP Site 397, Northwest African Continental Margin

Norman Hamilton

Part IV: Geophysical Studies

17. Seismic Sequences of Cape Bojador, Northwest Africa

K. Hinz

18. Cape Bojador Slope, an Example for Potential Pitfalls in Seismic Interpretation without the Information of Outer Margin Drilling

G. Wissmann

Part V: Geochemical Studies

19. Organic Deposition at a Continental Rise: Organic Geochemical Interpretation and Synthesis at DSDP Site 397, Eastern North Atlantic

Chris Cornford

20. Organic Geochemistry of DSDP Leg 47A, Site 397 Eastern North Atlantic: Organic Petrography and Extractable Hydrocarbons

C. Cornford, J. Rullkötter, and D. Welte

21 Organic Geochemistry of Some Organic-Rich Shales from DSDP Site 397, Leg 47A, Eastern North Atlantic

G. Deroo, J.P. Herbin, J. Roucaché, and B. Tissot

22. C1 to C7 Hydrocarbons from IPOD Holes 397 and 397A

Jean K. Whelan

23. Search for Eolian Lipids in the Pleistocene off Cape Bojador and Lipid Geochemistry of a Cretaceous Mudstone, DSDP/IPOD Leg 47A

Bernd R.T. Simoneit and Monica A. Mazurek

24. Chlorophyll Diagenesis in IPOD Leg 47A, Site 397 Core Samples

F.W. Baker and S.E. Palmer

25. Boron Geochemistry at the Miocene/Pliocene Boundary

N. Coradossi and E. Corazza

Part VI: Sedimentological and Mineralogical Studies

26. Facies Paleoenvironment of Lower Cretaceous Sediments at DSDP Site 397 and in the Aaiun Basin (Northwest Africa)

Gerhard Einsele and Ulrich von Rad

27. Lower Cretaceous Lithostratigraphy of the Continental Rise off the Western Sahara

V.A. Basov, B.G. Lopatin, I.S. Gramberg, A.I. Danyushevskaya, V.Ya. Kaban'kov, V.M. Lazurkin, and D.K. Patrunov

28. Clay Mineralogy of Site 397, South of Canary Islands (DSDP Leg 47A)

Hervé Chamley and Ghislaine Giroud d'Argoud

29. Early Neogene Base-of-Slope Sedimentation at Site 397, DSDP Leg 47A: Sequential Evolution of Gravitative Mass Transport Processes and Redeposition along the Northwest African Passive Margin

Michael A. Arthur and Ulrich von Rad

30. Upper Miocene to Pleistocene Climates in Northwest Africa Deduced from Terrigenous Components of Site 397 Sediments (DSDP Leg 47A)

Hervé Chamley and Liselotte Diester-Haass

31. DSDP Site 397: Climatological, Sedimentological and Oceanographic Changes in the Neogene Autochthonous Sequence

L. Diester-Haass

32. Late Neogene Paleoenvironment Studies on Carbonate Content, Grain Sizes, and Dissolution, Cores 1–57 (DSDP Site 397)

Maria Bianca Cita and Giuseppe Spezzibottiani

33. Grain Size and Grain Morphology of the Lower and Middle Miocene Sandy Sediments of the Continental Rise off Northwestern Africa

Dmitrij S. Kashik, Olga A. Miklukho-Makley, Galina M. Romm, and Alexander E. Rybalko

34. Petrography and Petrochemistry of Miocene Volcaniclastic Sandstones (Hole 397)

B.G. Lopatin

35. Neogene Evolution of Canary Island Volcanism Inferred from Ash Layers and Volcaniclastic Sandstones of DSDP Site (Leg 47A)

Hans-Ulrich Schmincke and Ulrich von Rad

36. Meteor Cores 12309: Late Pleistocene Reference Section for Interpretation of the Neogene of Site 397

Gerhard F. Lutze, Michael Sarnthein, Bernhard Koopman, Uwe Pflaumann, Helmut Erlenkeuser, and Jörn Thiede

37. Diagenesis of Silica, Zeolites, and Phyllosilicates at Sites 397 and 398

Volker Riech

38. Simulation of Geologic, Hydrodynamic, and Thermodynamic Development of a Sedimentary Basin—A Quantitative Approach

M. Arif Yükler, C. Cornford, and D. Welte

39. Evolution and Sedimentary History of the Cape Bojador Continental Margin, Northwestern Africa

Michael A. Arthur, Ulrich von Rad, Chris Cornford, Floyd McCoy, and Michael Sarnthein


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Chapter 2:

Site 397 sediment summary chart.
Site 397 sediment summary chart.

Chapter 22:

Hydrocarbon diagram. Gas pocket data versus depth in meters per cent methane; logs of PPM by volume of C2, C3, C4, and C5 based on 100 per cent methane; and per cent of total C5 represented by neopentane iun Holes 397 and 397A.

Chapter 32:

Figure 1. Late Neogene succession continuously cored at DSDP Site 397.

DSDP Data and Samples


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