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DSDP Volume XCI Table of Contents

Publication date: May 2007

Preliminary Pages

Part I: Introduction

1. Introduction: Objectives and Results of Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 91 and the NGENDEI Seismic Experiment, and Explanatory Notes for Volume 91

T.H. Jordan, H.W. Menard, J.H. Natland, and J. Orcutt

Part II: Site Reports

2. Site 595: Coring and Downhole Seismic Experiments in the Southwest Pacific near the Tonga Trench

Shipboard Scientific Parties, with contributions by E. Winfrey and P. Doyle

3. Site 596: Hydraulic Piston Coring in an Area of Low Surface Productivity in the Southwest Pacific

Shipboard Scientific Party of the Glomar Challenger

Part III: Geophysical Studies

4. Seismic Reflection Site Survey: Correlation with Physical Properties, Leg 91, Deep Sea Drilling Project

I.I. Kim, D.K. Smith, H.W. Menard, J.A. Orcutt, and T.H. Jordan

5. Marine Seismic System Experiment

M.M. Harris, J.A. Ballard, C.C. Mulcahy, A. Endress, R.L. Wallerstedt, E.L. Kiser, and N. Gough

6. Description and Performance of the Marine Seismic System during the NGENDEI Experiment

R.G. Adair, M.M. Harris, J.A. Orcutt, and T.H. Jordan

7. Description and Performance of the Scripps Ocean Bottom Seismographs during the NGENDEI Experiment

J.A. Orcutt, R.D. Moore, and T.H. Jordan

8. Preliminary Analysis of Oceanbottom and Sub-Bottom Microseismic Noise during the NGENDEI Experiment

R.G. Adair, J.A. Orcutt, and T.H. Jordan

9. Simultaneous Borehole and Ocean Bottom Seismometer Recordings of Earthquakes and Explosions: Results from the NGENDEI Experiment at Deep Sea Drilling Project Hole 595B

P.M. Shearer, R.G. Adair, J.A. Orcutt, and T.H. Jordan

10. The NGENDEI Seismic Refraction Experiment at Deep Sea Drilling Project Hole 595B—Ocean Bottom Seismometer Data and Evidence for Crustal and Upper Mantle Anisotropy

P.M. Shearer, J.A. Orcutt, T.H. Jordan, R.B. Whitmarsh, I.I. Kim, R.G. Adair, and M.S. Burnett

11. Velocity Bounds on the Seismic Structure of Mesozoic Crust and Upper Mantle in the Southwest Pacific Basin from Downhole Observations at Deep Sea Drilling Project Hole 595B

R.B. Whitmarsh, J.A. Orcutt, T.H. Jordan, R.G. Adair, and P.M. Shearer

Part IV: Studies on Sediments and Igneous Rocks

12. Preliminary Ichthyolith Biostratigraphy, Southwest Pacific, Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 91

E.C. Winfrey, P.S. Doyle, and W.R. Riedel

13. Eolian Transport to Hole 595A from the Late Cretaceous through the Cenozoic

C.T. Schramm and M.S. Leinen

14. Paleomagnetic Studies of Leg 91 Basalts and Sediments

A.F. Montgomery and H.P. Johnson

15. Geochemistry of Basalts from Mesozoic Pacific Ocean Crust: Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 91

A.D. Saunders

DSDP Data and Samples


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