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DSDP Volume XLII Part 1 Table of Contents

Publication date: May 2007

Preliminary Pages

Part I: Introduction

1. Introduction and Explanatory Notes

The Shipboard Scientific Party

Part II: Shipboard Studies (Site Reports)

2. Site 371: South Balearic Basin

The Shipboard Scientific Party

3. Site 372: Menorca Rise

The Shipboard Scientific Party

4. Site 373: Tyrrhenian Basin

The Shipboard Scientific Party

5. Site 374: Messina Abyssal Plain

The Shipboard Scientific Party

6. Sites 375 and 376: Florence Rise

The Shipboard Scientific Party

7. Site 377: Mediterranean Ridge Cleft

The Shipboard Scientific Party

8. Site 378: Cretan Basin

The Shipboard Scientific Party

Part III: Post-Cruise Studies

Section 1. Sedimentary Petrology, Mineralogy, and Geochemistry of Sediments

9. X-Ray Mineralogy Studies, Leg 42A, Deep Sea Drilling Project, Mediterranean Sea

Frédèric Mélières, Hervé Chamley, Francis Coumes, and Pierre Rouge

10. Detailed X-Ray Mineralogy of Core 9, Sections 1 and 2, Hole 372 (Balearic Rise), Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 42A

Frédèric Mélières

11. Special Mineralogical Studies

11.1 Clay Minerals in Messinian Sediments of the Mediterranean Sea

Hervé Chamley, Gilbert Dunoyer de Segonzac, and Frédèric Mélières

11.2 Clay Mineralogy in Volcanogenic Sediments

Hervé Chamley and Ghislaine Giroud d'Argoud

11.3 Turbidites at Site 374: Their Composition, Provenance and Paleobathymetric Significance

Jens Müller, Werner Hieke, and Frank Fabricius

12. Heavy Mineral Composition of the Mediterranean Neogene Sediments, DSDP Leg 42A

E.M. Emelyanov, K.M. Shimkus, and Kenneth J. Hsü

13. Studies on Sapropels

13.1 Stratigraphy of Eastern Mediterranean Sapropel Sequences Recovered during DSDP Leg 42A and Their Paleoenvironmental Significance

Robert B. Kidd, Maria Bianca Cita, and William B.F. Ryan

13.2 Sedimentology and Environmental Conditions of Sapropels

Walter Sigl, Hervé Chamley, Frank Fabricius, Ghislaine Giroud d'Argoud, and Jens Müller

13.3 Organic Geochemistry of Some Neogene Cores from Sites 374, 375, 377, and 378: Leg 42A, Eastern Mediterranean Sea

G. Deroo, J.P. Herbin, and J. Roucaché

14. Studies on Lithification and Diagenesis

14.1 Lithification of Pelagic-Hemipelagic Sediments at DSDP Site 372: Oxygen Isotope Alteration with Diagenesis

Judith McKenzie, Daniel Bernoulli, and Robert E. Garrison

14.2 Phillipsite Cementation in a Foraminiferal Sandstone at Hole 373A and "The Case of the Violated Foram"

Daniel Bernoulli, Robert E. Garrison, and Frédèric Mélières

15. Stable Isotopes of Oxygen and Carbon in Carbonates and Organic Material from Pleistocene to Upper Miocene Sediments at Site 374 (DSDP Leg 42A)

P. Hahn-Weinheimer, F. Fabricius, J. Müller, and W. Sigl

16. Racemization of Isoleucine in Foraminifer Tests from Leg 42A, Sites 372 and 376

Jeffrey L. Bada, Eugene H. Man, Barry J. Katz, and Kenneth J. Hsü

17. Trace Element Distribution in DSDP Sites 372, 374, 375, and 376 in the Mediterranean Sea

Francis Coumes and Cyrille Boltenhagen

Section 2. Mineralogy, Petrology, Geochemistry and Geochronology Studies on Igneous Rocks at Site 373

18. Age and Nature of Basalts from the Tyrrhenian Abyssal Plain

F. Barberi, H. Bizouard, G. Capaldi, G. Ferrara, P. Gasparini, F. Innocenti, J.L. Joron, B. Lambert, M. Treuil, and C. Allègre

19. Oceanic Basalts from the Tyrrhenian Basin, DSDP Leg 42A, Hole 373A

Volker Dietrich, Rolf Emmermann, Harald Puchelt, and Jörg Keller

20. Age Determination on Igneous Rocks in Hole 373A

20.1 Potassium-Argon Age Determination of Basalt Samples from Leg 42A, Hole 373A, Core 7

H. Kreuzer, M. Mohr, and I. Wendt

20.2 K/Ar Age Determinations on Basalt Rocks from Hole 373A

C. Savelli and E. Lipparini

21. Petrology, Isotope Geochemistry, and Origin of Dolomite and Limestone Associated with Basaltic Breccia, Hole 373A, Tyrrhenian Basin

Daniel Bernoulli, Robert E. Garrison, and Judith McKenzie

Section 3. Interstitial Water Studies

22. Interstitial Water Studies, Leg 42A

Russell E. McDuff, Joris M. Gieskes, and James R. Lawrence

Section 4. Studies of Evaporites

23. Sedimentary Petrology and Structures of Messinian Evaporitic Sediments in the Mediterranean Sea, Leg 42A, Deep Sea Drilling Project

Robert E. Garrison, B. Charlotte Schreiber, Daniel Bernoulli, Frank H. Fabricius, Robert B. Kidd, and Frédèric Mélières

24. Chemistry of Halite and Potash Salt Cores, DSDP Sites 374 and 376, Leg 42A, Mediterranean Sea

Robert Kuehn and Kenneth J. Hsü

25. Dolomitization in Early Pliocene Pelagic Limestones, Site 374, Ionian Abyssal Plain

Daniel Bernoulli and Frédèric Mélières

26. Isotope Studies

26.1 Isotope Composition of Messinian Sediments from the Mediterranean Sea as Indicators of Paleoenvironments and Diagensis

C. Pierre and J.C. Fontes

26.2 Stable Isotopic Investigation of Carbonate Samples Related to the Messinian Salinity Crisis from DSDP Leg 42A, Mediterranean Sea

J.A. McKenzie and T.E. Ricchiuto

26.3 Stable Isotopic Investigation of Messinian Sulfate Samples from DSDP Leg 42A, Eastern Mediterranean Sea

T.E. Ricchiuto and J.A. McKenzie

27. Luneburgite [Mg3 (PO4)2 B2O(OH) 4 × 6 H2O] in Upper Miocene Sediments of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea

Jens Müller and Frank Fabricius

28. Stromatolites with Coccoid and Filamentous Blue-Green Algae of Messinian Age from Site 374—Ionian Abyssal Plain

Stanley M. Awramik

Section 5. Shipboard and Shore-Based Paleontological Studies

29. Biostratigraphy of Miocene Deep Sea Sediments (Sites 372 and 375), with Special Reference to the Messinian/Pre-Messinian Interval

Maria Bianca Cita, Maria Luisa Colalongo, Sara d'Onofrio, Silvia Iaccarino, and Gianfranco Salvatorini

30. Morphological Investigations on the Genus Globorotalia from Site 372

Germaine Bizon and Georgette Glaçon

31. Neogene Benthic Foraminifers from DSDP Leg 42A, Mediterranean Sea

Ramil Wright

32. Neogene Calcareous Nannofossils from the Mediterranean—Leg 42A of the Deep Sea Drilling Project

Carla Müller

33. Radiolaria from Mediterranean Sediments, DSDP Leg 42A

Annika Sanfilippo, J.P. Caulet, and W.R. Riedel

34. The Late Messinian Mediterranean Brackish to Freshwater Environment, Diatom Floral Evidence

Hans-Joachim Schrader and Rainer Gersonde

35. The Paleoecology of the Ostracodes of DSDP Leg 42A

Richard H. Benson

36. Palynological Studies on Samples from DSDP Leg 42A

Daria Bertolani Marchetti and Carla Accorsi

37. Late Pliocene and Early Pleistocene Silicoflagellates and Ebridians from DSDP Site 378 in the Aegean Basin, North of Crete

Herbert Stradner and Alfred Bachmann

38. Fungii in Core 9, Site 372, DSDP Leg 42A, Mediterranean Sea

H. Franz, M. Cita, J. Neher, and K.J. Hsü

39. Trace Fossils in Leg 42A Cores

A.A. Eckdale

40. Miocene and Pliocene Oxygen and Carbon Isotopic Changes at DSDP Sites 372, 374, and 375. Implications for the Pre-Messinian History of the Mediterranean

C. Vergnaud Grazzini

41. Neogene Paleobathymetry of the Mediterranean Based on Benthic Foraminifers from DSDP Leg 42A

Ramil Wright

42. Remarks on the Determination of the Pliocene/Pleistocene Boundary in the Mediterranean

Germaine Bizon and Carla Müller

Section 6. Geophysical Studies

43. Down-Hole Temperature Measurements, Deep Sea Drilling Project, Leg 42A

Albert J. Erickson and Richard P. Von Herzen

44. Preliminary Paleomagnetic Chronology of Cenozoic Sediments from DSDP Sites 372, 374, and 376 of the Mediterranean Sea

Norman Hamilton, Ernest A. Hailwood, and Robert B. Kidd

45. Rock and Paleomagnetism of Leg 42A, Hole 373A Basalts

N. Petersen, U. Bleil, and P. Eisenach

Part IV: Synthesis Articles

46. Geological Setting of Site 372

46.1 Geological and Geophysical Setting of DSDP Site 372 (Western Mediterranean)

A. Mauffret, L. Montadert, M. Lavergne, and C. Willm

46.2 Comparison between Formations Drilled at DSDP Site 372 in the Western Mediterranean and Exposed Series on Land

G. Bizon, J.J. Bizon, and B. Biju-Duval

47. Correlations of the Neogene Formations of the Florence Rise and of Northern Cyprus: Paleogeographic and Structural Implications

Francois Baroz, Daniel Bernoulli, Bernard Biju-Duval, Germaine Bizon, Jean-Jacques Bizon, and Jean Letouzey

48. Comparison of Site 374 with Circum-Ionian Land Sections: Implications for the Messinian "Salinity Crisis" on the Basis of a "Dynamic Model"

F.H. Fabricius, K.O. Heimann, and K. Braune

49. Genesis of the Tethys and the Mediterranean

Kenneth J. Hsü and Daniel Bernoulli

50. Structure and Evolution of the Mediterranean Basins

Bernard Biju-Duval, Jean Letouzey, and Lucien Montadert

51. Middle Miocene Salinity Crisis and Paleogeography of the Paratethys (Middle and Eastern Europe)

F. Rögl, F.F. Steiniger, and C. Müller

52. Sedimentation Rates in Neogene Deep-Sea Sediments from the Mediterranean and Geodynamic Implications of Their Changes

Maria Bianca Cita, William B.F. Ryan, and Robert B. Kidd

53. Messinian Paleoenvironments

Maria Bianca Cita, Ramil C. Wright, William B.F. Ryan, and Antonio Longinelli

54. Messinian Event: Seismic Evidence

L. Montadert, J. Letouzey, and A. Mauffret

Part V: Summary

55. History of the Mediterranean Salinity Crisis

Kenneth J. Hsü, Lucien Montadert, Daniel Bernoulli, Maria Bianca Cita, Albert Erickson, Robert E. Garrison, Robert B. Kidd, Frédèric Mélières, Carla Müller, and Ramil Wright

56. Lithologic Findings of DSDP Leg 42A, Mediterranean Sea

Robert B. Kidd, Daniel Bernoulli, Robert E. Garrison, Frank H. Fabricius, and Frederic Mélières

57. DSDP Leg 42A Biostratigraphic Range Charts

G. Bizon, M.B. Cita, C. Müller, and R. Wright

58. Summary of "Project DSDP 42A"

Kenneth J. Hsü, Lucien Montadert, and Robert B. Kidd

Part VI: Appendices

I. Core Discing and Other Drilling Effects in DSDP Leg 42A Mediterranean Sediment Cores

Robert B. Kidd

II. Carbon-Carbonate Measurements

Robert B. Kidd

III. Bulk X-Ray Mineralogy Data

F. Mélières

IV. Geophysical Profiling, DSDP 42A

Gerald W. Bode

V. Grain-Size Determinations, Leg 42A

Robert B. Kidd

VI. Leg 42A Physical Properties Data

Albert J. Erickson

VII. Interstitial Water Results, Leg 42A

G.W. Bode and V.S. Sotelo

VIII. Carbonate Content, Carbonate Mineralogy, and Bulk Mineralogy of DSDP Leg 42A Samples

Jens Müller

IX. Carbon and Nitrogen Analyses, Leg 42A

W. Sigl



For purposes of manuscript preparation the Mediterranean aspects of DSDP Leg 42 have been referred to as 42A and those of the Black Sea as 42B. The volume is thus published in two parts. Please note that the following manuscripts on Mediterranean geology are in Part 2.

Paleontological Investigations, Leg 42, Mediterranean Sea

1. Examination of Some Leg 42A Samples Containing Pteropoda

L. Pastouret

2. Dinoflagellate Cysts in Deep-Sea Cores from DSDP Site 372, East Menorca Rise

Domenico Corradini

Drilling on Land and offshore Margins of the Mediterranean Sea

3. Slim Holes Drilled on the Algerian Shelf

P.F. Burollet, A. Said, and Ph. Trouve

4. Cyprus Evaporites

Theodoulos Pantazis

5. The Late Tertiary of the Coastal Plain and Continental Shelf of Israel and its Bearing on the History of the Eastern Mediterranean

Gdaliahu Gvirtzman and Binyamin Buchbinder

DSDP Data and Samples


Citation information about scientific publications related to this and other DSDP legs is available in the Ocean Drilling Citation Database.