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DSDP Volume XCII Table of Contents

Publication date: May 2007

Preliminary Pages

Part I: Introduction and Site Chapters

1.Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 92, Southeast Pacific Ocean: Introduction, Cruise Narrative, Principal Results, and Explanatory Notes

M. Leinen, D.K. Rea, and K. Becker

2. Site 597

Shipboard Scientific Party

3. Site 598

Shipboard Scientific Party

4. Site 599

Shipboard Scientific Party

5. Sites 600, 601, 602

Shipboard Scientific Party

6. Site 504

Shipboard Scientific Party

Part II: Underway Geophysics and Site Survey Results

7. Southeast Pacific Ocean Transect, Tahiti to Panama: Geophysical Profiles from Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 92

D.K. Rea

8. Site Surveys in the South Pacific with a Seabeam Swath-Mapping System

P. Lonsdale

9. Sedimentation in the Vicinity of Leg 92 Drill Sites: Studies of Site Survey Cores

M. Leinen and A. Graybeal

Part III: Biostratigraphy and Sedimentology

10. Calcareous Nannofossil Biostratigraphy of the Central East Pacific Rise, Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 92: Evidence for Downslope Transport of Sediments

S. Knüttel

11. Planktonic Foraminifers from Oligocene to Pleistocene Sediments, Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 92

K. Romine

12. Crustal Subsidence and Calcite Deposition in the South Pacific Ocean

D.K. Rea and M. Leinen

13. Calcium Carbonate Sedimentation at Subtropical South Pacific Drill Sites from Leg 92 and the Carbonate Stratigraphy of Site 598: Preliminary Studies

M. Leinen

14. Post-Middle Oligocene Eolian Deposition from the Trade Winds of the Southeast Pacific

M.K. Bloomstine and D.K. Rea

15. Grain Size Changes in Reworked Pelagic Sediments, Deep Sea Drilling Project Site 599

D.K. Rea and T.R. Janecek

16. Mineralogy and Diagenesis of Sediments at Site 597: Preliminary Results

M. Kastner

Part IV: Geochemistry of Sediments and Pore Waters

17. Interlaboratory Comparison of Leg 92 Standard Sediment Sample Analyses

R.M. Owen and D.E. Ruhlin

18. Major Element Composition of Leg 92 Sediments

M.W. Lyle

19. Chemical Composition of Pacific Sediments near 20°S: Changes with Increasing Distance from the East Pacific Rise

V. Marchig and J. Erzinger

20. Factors Influencing the Rare Earth Element Composition of Hydrothermal Precipitates, East Pacific Rise

D.E. Ruhlin and R.M. Owen

21. Pb and Sr Isotope and Rare Earth Element Composition of Selected Metalliferous Sediments from Sites 597 to 601, Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 92

T.J. Barrett, P.N. Taylor, I. Jarvis, and J. Lugowski

22. Geolipids of Late Cenozoic Sediments from the Western Flank of the East Pacific Rise, Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 92

P.A. Meyers, J.M. Powaser, and K.W. Dunham

23. Preliminary Evidence for Pliocene Convective Fluid Flow through Sediments on a Ridge Flank, Hole 600C

M. Kastner, J.-Y. Hu, and J.M. Gieskes

24. Interstitial Water Studies, Leg 92

J.M. Gieskes and J. Boulègue

Part V: Basalt Composition and Alteration

25. Interlaboratory Comparison of Leg 92 Standard Basalt Sample Analyses

J. Erzinger

26. Geochemistry and Petrogenesis of Basalts from Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 92, Eastern Pacific

J.A. Pearce, N. Rogers, A.J. Tindle, and J.S. Watson

27. Petrography of Basalts from Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 92

M.S. Goldfarb

28. Basement Geochemistry, Leg 92

J. Erzinger

29. Electron Microprobe and Thermomagnetic Analysis of Basalt Samples from Hole 597C

T. Nishitani

30. B, Li, and Associated Trace Element Chemistry of Alteration Minerals, Holes 597B and 597C

M. Berndt and W.E. Seyfried, Jr.

31. d18O and 87Sr/86Sr of Calcites from the Basaltic Basement of Deep Sea Drilling Project Site 597: Timing and Temperature of Alteration

H. Staudigel, M. Kastner, and A. Sturz

32. Sequence and Longevity of Basalt Alteration at Deep Sea Drilling Project Site 597

C. Peterson, R. Duncan, and K.F. Scheidegger

33. Orientation of In Situ Stresses in the Pacific Plate: Deep Sea Drilling Project Hole 597C

R.L. Newmark, R.N. Anderson, and M.D. Zoback

34. Magnetic Properties of Basalt Samples from Deep Sea Drilling Project Holes 597B and 597C

T. Nishitani

35. Physical Properties of Basalt Samples from Deep Sea Drilling Project Site 597

R.L. Newmark and D. Moos

Part VII: Hole 504B: Borehole Geochemistry and Geophysics

36. Geochemical Studies in Hole 504B, Leg 92

J.M. Gieskes, M. Kastner, J. Erzinger, J. Boulègue, and S.R. Hart

37. Elastic Wave Velocities in Layer 2A from Full Waveform Sonic Logs at Hole 504B

D. Moos, D. Goldberg, M.A. Hobart, and R.N. Anderson

38. Seismic Response of Detailed Structure in Deep Sea Drilling Project Hole 504B: Synthetic Seismograms in the Domain of Intercept Time and Ray Parameter

J.C. Mutter and R.L. Newmark

Part VIII: Syntheses

39. History of Hydrothermal Sedimentation at the East Pacific Rise, 19°S

M.W. Lyle, R.M. Owen, and M. Leinen

40. Neogene Controls on Hydrothermal Activity and Paleoceanography of the Southeast Pacific Ocean

D.K. Rea and M. Leinen

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Chapter 7:

Figure 4. Air and water gun seismic reflection profiles from the Leg 92 Southeast Pacific Ocean transect.

Chapter 19:

Appendix 1A. Analysis of the <63 µm fraction. DSDP sediments.
Appendix 1B. Analysis of the <63 µm fraction. GEOMETEP sediments.
Appendix 2A. Analysis of the <63 µm fraction on carbonate-free basis. DSDP sediments.
Appendix 2B. Analysis of the <63 µm fraction on carbonate-free basis. GODMETEP sediments.

DSDP Data and Samples


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