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DSDP Volume LXVIII Table of Contents

Publication date: May 2007

Preliminary Pages

Part I: Introduction and Site Reports

1. Leg 68: Introduction, Explanatory Notes, and Conventions

Shipboard Scientific Party

2. Site 502: Colombia Basin, Western Caribbean Sea

Shipboard Scientific Party

3. Site 503: Eastern Equatorial Pacific

Shipboard Scientific Party

Part II: Biostratigraphy

4. Underway Geophysics Collected on Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 68

James V. Gardner

5. Neogene Planktonic Foraminifers from Deep Sea Drilling Project Sites 502 and 503

L.D. Keigwin, Jr.

6. Neogene Radiolarians from the Eastern Tropical Pacific and Caribbean, Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 68

W. Riedel and M. Jean Westberg

7. Diatom Biostratigraphy and Paleoceanography, Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 68

Constance Sancetta

8. Neogene Silicoflagellates of the Eastern Equatorial Pacific, Deep Sea Drilling Project Hole 503A

David Bukry

9. The Fossil Distribution of Coccolithophore Genus Gephyrocapsa Kamptner and Related Plio–Pleistocene Chronostratigraphic Problems

Domenico Rio

Part III: Lithostratigraphy

10. High-Resolution Carbonate and Organic-Carbon Stratigraphies for the Late Neogene and Quaternary from the Western Caribbean and Eastern Equatorial Pacific

James V. Gardner

11. Physical Properties of Sediment Recovered on Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 68 with the Hydraulic Piston Corer

Larry A. Mayer

12. Lithologic Stratigraphy and Clay Mineralogy of the Western Caribbean and Eastern Equatorial Pacific, Leg 68, Deep Sea Drilling Project

Herman B. Zimmerman

13. Leg 68: Shore-Based X-Ray Mineralogy

Dieter Schumann and Ulrich Nagel

14. Tephrochronology at Sites 502 and 503

Michael T. Ledbetter

15. Fluctuation in Eolian Sedimentation during the Past Five Glacial–Interglacial Cycles: A Preliminary Examination of Data from Deep Sea Drilling Project Hole 503B, Eastern Equatorial Pacific

David K. Rea

Part IV: Magnetics

16. Magnetostratigraphy of Caribbean Site 502 Hydraulic Piston Cores

Dennis V. Kent and Dann J. Spariosu

17. Magnetostratigraphy of Equatorial Pacific Site 503 Hydraulic Piston Cores

Dennis V. Kent and Dann J. Spariosu

18. Magnetic Properties of Sediments from Hole 503A

E.A. Hailwood and A.I. Rees

Part V: Isotope Studies

19. Stable Isotope Stratigraphy and Paleoceanography of Sites 502 and 503

L.D. Keigwin, Jr.

20. Oxygen and Carbon Isotope Stratigraphy for the Quaternary of Hole 502B: Evidence for Two Modes of Isotopic Variability

Warren L. Prell

Part VI: Geochemical Studies

21. Interstitial Water Chemistry of Deep Sea Drilling Project Site 503 and Its Implications for Submarine Hydrothermal Circulation

Paul A. Baker

22. Amino Acids in Sediments from Leg 68 Site 502

Keith A. Kvenvolden and David J. Blunt

23. Preliminary Studies of Manganese-Rich Carbonate Nodules from Leg 68, Site 503, Eastern Equatorial Pacific

Max Coleman, Andy Fleet, and Paul Donson

Part VII: Appendix

Appendix: Basis for Age Assignments at Deep Sea Drilling Project Sites 502 and 503

Lloyd D. Keigwin, Jr.

Backpocket Foldouts

Chapter 9:

Figure 5. Distribution of Gephyrocapsa complex in the investigated section.
Domenico Rio

Chapter 10:

Figure 5. A. Composite section of carbonate versus age for Site 502. (NRG = no-recovery gap.) B. Composite section of carbonate versus age for Site 503.
James V. Gardner
Appendix A. Raw carbonate, organic carbon, and total carbon data. (from microfiche)
James V. Gardner


Table 1. Sample, depth, and age ranges of faunal and floral datum levels, Sites 502 and 503.
Lloyd D. Keigwin, Jr.

DSDP Data and Samples


Citation information about scientific publications related to this and other DSDP legs is available in the Ocean Drilling Citation Database.