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DSDP Volume LXXXI Table of Contents

Publication date: May 2007

Preliminary Pages

Part I: Introduction

1. Introduction and Explanatory Notes, Leg 81, Deep Sea Drilling Project

D.G. Roberts, J. Backman, A.C. Morton, and J.B. Keene

Part II: Site Reports

2. Sites 552–553

Shipboard Scientific Party

3. Site 554

Shipboard Scientific Party

4. Site 555

Shipboard Scientific Party

Part III: Paleontological Studies

5. Cenozoic Calcareous Nannofossil Biostratigraphy from the Northeastern Atlantic Ocean—Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 81

J. Backman

6. Planktonic Foraminiferal Biostratigraphy, Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 81

P.F. Huddlestun

7. Cenozoic Diatom Biostratigraphy and Paleoceanography of the Rockall Plateau Region, North Atlantic, Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 81

J.G. Baldauf

8. Radiolarians from the Western Margin of the Rockall Plateau: Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 81

M.J. Westberg-Smith and W.R. Riedel

9. Paleogene and Neogene Benthic Foraminifers from Rockall Plateau

J.W. Murray, with a contribution by J.F. Weston

10. Biostratigraphic Value of Bolboforma, Leg 81, Rockall Plateau

J.W. Murray

11. Quaternary Dinoflagellate Cysts from Hole 552A, Rockall Plateau, Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 81

R. Harland

12. Cenozoic Silicoflagellates from Rockall Plateau, Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 81

D. Bukry

13. Dinoflagellate Cyst Biostratigraphy of Late Paleocene and Early Eocene Sediments from Holes 552, 553A, and 555, Leg 81, Deep Sea Drilling Project (Rockall Plateau)

S. Brown and C. Downie

14. Miocene Dinocysts from Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 81, Rockall Plateau, Eastern North Atlantic Ocean

L.E. Edwards

15. Stable Isotopic Results on Upper Miocene and Lower Pliocene Foraminifers from Hole 552A

L.D. Keigwin, Jr.

16. Oxygen and Carbon Isotope Stratigraphy of Deep Sea Drilling Project Hole 552A: Plio-Pleistocene Glacial History

N.J. Shackleton and M.A. Hall

17. High Resolution Records of Benthic foraminifers in the Late Neogene of the Northeastern Atlantic

D. Schnitker

18. Petrography of Degraded Plant Fragments from Paleocene-Eocene Sediments of Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 81, Site 555, Rockall Plateau

J. Lund and W. Riegel

Part IV: Sedimentological Studies

19. Paleogene Pyroclastic Volcanism in the Southwest Rockall Plateau

A.C. Morton and J.B. Keene

20. Genesis and Significance of Glauconitic Sediments of the Southwest Rockall Plateau

A.C. Morton, R.J. Merriman, and J.G. Mitchell

21. Heavy Minerals from Paleogene Sediments, Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 81: Their Bearing on Stratigraphy, Sediment Provenance, and the Evolution of the North Atlantic

A.C. Morton

22. Coarse Fraction of Plio-Pleistocene Sediments from Deep Sea Drilling Project Hole 552A, Northeast Atlantic

A.C. Morton

23. X-Ray Mineralogy Study of Tertiary Deposits, Leg 81, Sites 552–555

C. Latouche and N. Maillet

24. Lithostratigraphy and Clay Mineralogy of the Western Margin of the Rockall Plateau and the Hatton Sediment Drift

H.B. Zimmerman

25. Hatton Drift Contourites, Northeast Atlantic, Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 81

D.A.V. Stow and J.A. Holbrook

26. Fossil Polymetallic Concretions from Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 81: Mineralogical, Geochemical, and Statistical Studies

C. Jehanno, E. Lallier-Verges, C. Bonnot-Courtois, A. Desprairies, J. Bijon, and M. Riviere

27. Fission Track Dating of Apatite and Sphene from Paleogene Sediments of Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 81, Site 555

I.R. Duddy, A.J.W. Gleadow, and J.B. Keene

Part V: Petrology and Geochemistry

28. Mineralogy and Geochemistry of Alteration Products in Leg 81 Basalts

A. Desprairies, C. Bonnot-Courtois, C. Jehanno, S. Vernhet, and J.L. Joron

29. Petrology, Mineralogy, and Chemistry of Basaltic Rocks: Leg 81

R.K. Harrison and R.J. Merriman, with contributions by J. Evans, D. Hutchison, A.E. Davis, K.A. Holmes, P. Joseph, V.A. Judge, and C.W. Wheatley

30. Isotopic Geochemistry of Lavas from Sites 553 and 555

R.M. Macintyre and P.J. Hamilton

31. Strongly Depleted Tholeiites from the Rockall Plateau Margin, North Atlantic: Geochemistry and Mineralogy

J.L. Joron, H. Bougault, R.C. Maury, M. Bohn, and A. Desprairies

32. Trace and Major Element Geochemistry of Basalts from Leg 81

C. Richardson, P.J. Oakley, and J.R. Cann

33. Analysis of Organic Matter from Leg 81 (Rockall Plateau)

A.J. Kaltenback, G.K. Guennel, W.B. Lyons, A. Moore, and J.W. Patton

Part VI: Physical Properties Studies

34. Interstitial Water Studies, Leg 81

J.M. Gieskes and K. Johnston

35. Paleomagnetics of Tertiary Sediments from the Southwest Rockall Plateau, Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 81

K. Krumsiek and D.G. Roberts

Part VII: Cruise Synthesis Studies

36. Biostratigraphy of Leg 81 Sediments—A High Latitude Record

J. Backman, M.J. Westberg-Smith, J.G. Baldauf, S. Brown, D. Bukry, L. Edwards, R. Harland, and P. Huddlestun

37. History of Plio-Pleistocene Climate in the Northeastern Atlantic, Deep Sea Drilling Project Hole 552A

H.B. Zimmerman, N.J. Shackleton, J. Backman, D.V. Kent, J.G. Baldauf, A.J. Kaltenback, and A.C. Morton

38. Geochronology of the Lower Eocene and Upper Paleocene Sequences of Leg 81

J. Backman, A.C. Morton, D.G. Roberts, S. Brown, K. Krumsiek, and R.M. Macintyre

39. Evolution of Volcanic Rifted Margins: Synthesis of Leg 81 Results on the West Margin of Rockall Plateau

D.G. Roberts, J. Backman, A.C. Morton, J.W. Murray, and J.B. Keene

40. Late Paleocene-Eocene Volcanic Events in the Northern North Atlantic Ocean

D.G. Roberts, A.C. Morton, and J. Backman

Backpocket Foldouts

Chapter 2:

Figure 37. Physical properties summary chart with gamma-ray log, Hole 553A.

Chapter 4:

Figure 15. Physical properties summary chart with gamma ray log, Site 555.

Superlogs for Sites 552, 553, 554, and 555.

DSDP Data and Samples


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