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DSDP Volume LI, LII, and LIII Table of Contents

Publication date: May 2007

Preliminary Pages

Part I: Site Reports, Site Surveys, and Downhole Geophysical Experiments

Section A: Introduction and Site Reports

1. Introduction and Explanatory Notes

Shipboard Scientific Parties

2. Site 417

Shipboard Scientific Parties

3. Site 418

Shipboard Scientific Parties

Section B: Site Surveys and Downhole Geophysical Experiments

4. Geophysical Site Survey Results Near Deep Sea Drilling Project Sites 417 and 418 in the Central Atlantic Ocean

Philip D. Rabinowitz, Hartley Hoskins, and Steven M. Asquith

5. Basement Profiling with a Deep-Towed Hydrophone Near Deep Sea Drilling Project Site 417

George M. Bryan

6. The Oblique Seismic Experiment on Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 52

R.A. Stephen, K.E. Louden, and D.H. Matthews

7. Geophysical Logging in Deep Sea Drilling Project Hole 417D

Matthew H. Salisbury, Thomas W. Donnelly, and Jean Francheteau

Part II: Shore-Based Investigations

Section A: Sedimentology and Sediment Chemistry

8. X-Ray Mineralogy of Deep Sea Drilling Project Legs 51 through 53, Western North Atlantic

Ulrich Mann and German Müller

9. X-Ray Diffraction of Some Samples for Clay Mineralogy from Site 417, Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 51, Western North Atlantic

Vladimir Rusinov and K. Kelts

10. Organic Geochemistry of Cretaceous Sediments at DSDP Holes 417D (Leg 51), 418A (Leg 52), and 418B (Leg 53) in the Western North Atlantic

G. Deroo, J.P. Herbin, J. Roucaché, and B. Tissot

11. Interstitial Water Studies, Legs 51–53

Joris M. Gieskes and Howard Reese

12. A Study of Interpillow Limestones from the M-Zero Anomaly, Deep Sea Drilling Project, Leg 51, Hole 417D

Judith A. McKenzie and Kerry R. Kelts

13. Manganese Micronodules in Sediments: A Subsurface In-Situ Origin, Leg 51, Deep Sea Drilling Project

P.E. Borella and C. Adelseck

Section B: Micropaleontology

14. Planktonic Foraminifers from the Bermuda Rise, Deep Sea Drilling Project Legs 51, 52 and 53

Gregory A. Miles and William N. Orr

15. Calcareous Nannofossils, Deep Sea Drilling Project Holes 418A and 418B

S. Gartner

16. Calcareous Nannofossils: Legs 51 and 52 of the Deep Sea Drilling Project

William G. Siesser

17. Aptian Calcareous Spherules Incertae Sedis from Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 51, Hole 417D, Bermuda Rise

Hans M. Bolli

18. Eocene Diatoms and Siliceous Sponge Spicules from the Northwestern Atlantic Ocean, Deep Sea Drilling Project Sites 417 and 418

David Bukry

19. Ichthyoliths, Deep Sea Drilling Project Legs 51 through 53

Robert J. Kozarek and William N. Orr

20. Palynology of Middle Cretaceous Black Clay Facies from Deep Sea Drilling Project Sites 417 and 418 of the Western North Atlantic

Peter Hochuli and Kerry Kelts

Section C: Petrology, Geochemistry, and Radiometric Ages of Fresh Igneous Rocks

21. Lithologic and Chemical Stratigraphy at Deep Sea Drilling Project Sites 417 and 418

M.F.J. Flower, W. Ohnmacht, P.T. Robinson, G. Marriner, and H.-U. Schmincke

22. Compositional Trends in Natural Basaltic Glasses from Deep Sea Drilling Project Holes 417D and 418A

Gary R. Byerly and John M. Sinton

23. Major-Element Chemistry of Basaltic Glasses in Hole 418A Lavas and a Dyke: Deep Sea Drilling Project Legs 51 and 52

R.N. Thompson

24. Chemical Variation in Glass-Whole Rock Pairs from Individual Cooling Units in Holes 417D and 418A

H. Staudigel, W.B. Bryan, and G. Thompson

25. Major and Trace Element Chemistry of Basalts from Holes 417D and 418A, Deep Sea Drilling Project Legs 51–53

R. Emmermann and H. Puchelt

26. Major Element Chemistry and Microprobe Studies of Basalts from Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 51, Site 417

Tadahide Ui, Hiroshi Haramura, and Hideo Nagai

27. Variation in Single Cooling Units at Deep Sea Drilling Project Hole 418A: Effects of Alteration and Phenocryst Redistribution

M.F.J. Flower, R.G. Pritchard, and H. Puchelt

28. Mineral Compositions and Crystallization Trends in Deep Sea Drilling Project Holes 417D and 418A

John M. Sinton and Gary R. Byerly

29. Chemical Zonation of Plagioclase Phenocrysts from Leg 51, 52, and 53 Basalts

Claire Bollinger and Michel Semet

30. Glassy Inclusions in Plagioclase and Pyroxene Phenocrysts in the Chilled Margin of a Pillow Lava from Hole 417D, Deep Sea Drilling Project

Robert Clocchiatti

31. Sulfide Relations in Hole 418A Flows and Sulfur Contents of Glasses

E.A. Mathez

32. Trace Elements in Cretaceous Basalts at 25°N in the Atlantic Ocean: Alteration, Mantle Compositions, and Magmatic Processes

J.L. Joron, C. Bollinger, J.P. Quisefit, H. Bougault, and M. Treuil

33. Basalts from Deep Sea Drilling Project Holes 417A and 417D, Fractionated Melts of a Light Rare-Earth Depleted Source

S. Rice, C.H. Langmuir, J.F. Bender, G.N. Hanson, A.E. Bence, and S.R. Taylor

34. Determination of Rare-Earth Elements in Leg 51, Site 417 Samples

Hiroshi Shimizu, Akimasa Masuda, and Tadahide Ui

35. Rare-Gas Studies of Cretaceous Deep-Sea Basalts

Nobuo Takaoka and Keisuke Nagao

36. 40Ar-39Ar Geochronological Studies of Drilled Basalts from Leg 51 and Leg 52

M. Ozima, I. Kaneoka, and M. Yanagisawa

37. Fission Track Age of Magnetic Anomaly M-Zero and Some Aspects of Sea-Water Weathering

Dieter Storzer and Madeleine Solo

Section D: Stable Isotopes, Alteration, and Sea Water Interaction

38. Incompatible Trace-Element Geochemistry and 87/86Sr in Basalts and Corresponding Glasses and Palagonites

Hubert Staudigel, Frederick A. Frey, and Stanley R. Hart

39. Preliminary Results of Sulfur Isotope Investigations on Deep Sea Drilling Project Cores from Legs 52 and 53

Harald Puchelt and Hans-W. Hubberten

40. Some Isotope Relations in Basalts from Deep Sea Drilling Project Holes 417A, 417D, and 418A

V.L. Rusinov, N.N. Pertsev, M.M. Arakeljanz, and L.P. Nosik

41. Stable Isotope Ratios in Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 51 Basalts

M. Javoy and A.M. Fouillac

42. The Alteration and Aging of the Basaltic Layer of Sea Floor: Oxygen Isotope Evidence from DSDP/IPOD Legs 51, 52, and 53

Karlis Muehlenbachs

43. Ocean Crust-Sea Water Interaction: Sites 417 and 418

S.R. Hart and H. Staudigel

44. Oxygen and Hydrogen Isotope Exchange Reactions between Sea Water and Oceanic Basalts from Legs 51 through 53

H. Friedrichsen and S. Hoernes

45. Temperatures of Formation of Calcite Veins in the Basalts from Deep Sea Drilling Project Holes 417A and 417D

James R. Lawrence

46. Alterations of Basalts from Deep Sea Drilling Project Legs 51, 52, and 53, Holes 417A and 418A

Richard G. Pritchard

47. The Mineralogy and Geochemistry of Basalt Weathering, Holes 417A and 418A

Susan E. Humphris, R.N. Thompson, and Giselle F. Marriner

48. Mineral Assemblages and Processes of Alterations in Basalts at Deep Sea Drilling Project Sites 417 and 418

N.N. Pertsev and V.L. Rusinov

49. Secondary Minerals in Some Basaltic Rocks from Deep Sea Drilling Project Legs 52 and 53, Hole 418A

C.M. Scarfe

50. X-Ray Diffraction and Chemical Study of Secondary Minerals from Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 51, Holes 417A and 417D

K.F. Scheidegger and Debra S. Stakes

51. Clay Minerals in Basalts from Deep Sea Drilling Project Sites 417 and 418

V.L. Rusinov, I.P. Laputina, G.N. Muravitskaja, B.B. Zvjagin, and B.P. Gradusov

52. Mineralogy and Geochemistry of Alteration Products in Holes 417A and 417D Basement Samples (Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 51)

Thierry Juteau, Yves Noack, Hubert Whitechurch, and Chantal Courtois

53. Mineralogy and Chemistry of Secondary Phases in Low Temperature Altered Basalts from Deep Sea Drilling Project Legs 51, 52, and 53

Catherine Mevel

54. The Chemistry of Altered Basalts at Site 417, Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 51

Thomas W. Donnelly, Geoffrey Thompson, and Matthew H. Salisbury

55. Chemical Analyses of Interlaboratory Standards

Hubert Staudigel

Section E: Paleomagnetism, Rock Magnetism, and Opaque Mineralogy

56. Compilation of Paleomagnetic and Rock Magnetic Results of Basalt Samples from Deep Sea Drilling Project Legs 51, 52, and 53

Shaul Levi, Ulrich Bleil, Brigitte M. Smith, and Peter Rigotti

57. Paleomagnetism of Basalts, Leg 51

U. Bleil and B. Smith

58. Paleomagnetism and Some Magnetic Properties of Basalts from the Bermuda Triangle

Shaul Levi

59. Rock Magnetism of Basement Rocks, Deep Sea Drilling Project Site 417

Brigitte M. Smith and Ulrich Bleil

60. Magnetic Properties of Basalt Samples from Deep Sea Drilling Project Holes 417D and 418A

Yozo Hamano, Tadashi Nishitani, and Masaru Kono

61. Opaque Mineralogy of Altered Basalts from Hole 417A of IPOD Leg 51

Daniel Plasse

62. Petrology of Magnetic Oxides at Site 417

U. Bleil and B. Smith

63. Paleomagnetic Directions from Lower Cretaceous Interpillow Limestones, Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 51, Hole 417D, Bermuda Rise

K. Kelts and G. Giovanoli

64. Opaque Minerals in Basalts from Holes 417D and 418A

A.D. Genkin, I.P. Laputina, and N.N. Pertsev

Section F: Physical Properties and the Role of Cracks in the Crust

65. Water Content and Atterberg Limits of Sediments at Deep Sea Drilling Project Holes 417A and 418A, Legs 51 and 52, West Atlantic Ocean

Adrian F. Richards and Edwin Fager

66. Physical Properties of Basalts from Holes 417D and 418A

Yozo Hamano

67. Compressional Wave Velocities, Densities, and Porosities of Basalts from Holes 417A, 417D, and 418A, Deep Sea Drilling Project Legs 51 through 53

N.I. Christensen, S.C. Blair, R.H. Wilkens, and M.H. Salisbury

68. Fluid Permeability of Oceanic Basalts

Douglas M. Johnson

69. Crack Distribution in the Upper Oceanic Crust and Its Effects Upon Seismic Velocity, Seismic Structure, Formation Permeability, and Fluid Circulation

Douglas M. Johnson

70. Structural Study of Basaltic Rocks Showing Brittle Deformation (Deep Sea Drilling Project Legs 51, 52, and 53, Sites 417 and 418)

P. Choukroune

Section G: Syntheses

71. Bathymetric Reconstruction Method: Application to the Central Atlantic Basin between 10°N and 40°N

P.Y. Chenet and J. Francheteau

72. Chemistry of Sediments of the Western Atlantic: Site 417 Compared with Sites 9, 105, 386, and 387

Thomas W. Donnelly

73. The Ages of Sediments Recovered from DSDP Legs 1–4, 10–15, and 36–53 (Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean, Mediterranean, and Black Sea)

Hans M. Bolli

74. Lithology and Eruptive Stratigraphy of Cretaceous Oceanic Crust, Western Atlantic Ocean

Paul T. Robinson, M.F.J. Flower, Donald A. Swanson, and Hubert Staudigel

75. Deep Sea Drilling Project Sites 417 and 418: A Petrogenetic Synthesis

M.F.J. Flower and W.B. Bryan

76. The Aging of Oceanic Crust: Synthesis of the Mineralogical and Chemical Results of Deep Sea Drilling Project Legs 51 through 53

Thomas W. Donnelly, Richard A. Pritchard, R. Emmermann, and H. Puchelt

77. The Physical State of the Upper Levels of Cretaceous Oceanic Crust from the Results of Logging, Laboratory Studies, and the Oblique Seismic Experiment at Deep Sea Drilling Project Sites 417 and 418

Matthew H. Salisbury, Ralph Stephen, Nikolas I. Christensen, Jean Francheteau, Yozo Hamano, Michael Hobart, and Douglas Johnson


Appendix I. Grain-Size and Carbon/Carbonate Analyses

Stan M. White


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Chapter 7:

Figure 4. Lithology, logging data, and modal composition as a function of depth in Hole 417D.

DSDP Data and Samples


Citation information about scientific publications related to this and other DSDP legs is available in the Ocean Drilling Citation Database.