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DSDP Volume XX Table of Contents

Publication date: May 2007

Preliminary Pages

Part I: Site Reports

1. Introduction

Scientific Party

2. Cretaceous Chalks beneath Neogene Volcanic Clays, East of the Japan Trench: DSDP Site 194

Bruce C. Heezen, Ian D. MacGregor, Helen P. Foreman, George Forristall, Heinz Hekel, Reinhard Hesse, Robert H. Hoskins, E. John W. Jones, Ansis G. Kaneps, Valeri A. Krasheninnikov, Hakuyu Okada, and Michael H. Ruef

3. Mesozoic Chalk and Chert on the Pacific Plate Near Japan: DSDP Site 195

The Shipboard Scientific Party

4. Pliocene Volcanogenic Sediments and Mesozoic Chalks Southeast of Japan: DSDP Site 196

The Shipboard Scientific Party

5. Northwest Pacific Basaltic Basement: DSDP Site 197

The Shipboard Scientific Party

6. Lower Cretaceous Sediments beneath the Marcus Island Archipelagic Apron: DSDP Site 198

The Shipboard Scientific Party

7. Mesozoic Chalks beneath the Caroline Abyssal Plain: DSDP Site 199

The Shipboard Scientific Party

8. Tertiary Pelagic Ooze on Ita Maitai Guyot, Equatorial Pacific: DSDP Sites 200 and 201

The Shipboard Scientific Party

9. Oolitic Limestone on the Ita Maitai Guyot, Equatorial Pacific: DSDP Site 202

The Shipboard Scientific Party

Part II: Special Studies

10. Late Cretaceous, Paleogene and Neogene Planktonic Foraminifera

Valeri A. Krasheninnikov and Robert H. Hoskins

11. Cretaceous Benthonic Foraminifera, Leg 20, Deep Sea Drilling Project

Valeri A. Krasheninnikov

12. Nannofossil Biostratigraphy, Leg 20, Deep Sea Drilling Project

Heinz Hekel

13. Radiolaria from DSDP Leg 20

Helen P. Foreman

14. Phytoplankton Stratigraphy, Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 20, Western Pacific Ocean

David Bukry

15. Physical Properties Synthesis, Leg 20, Deep Sea Drilling Project

George Z. Forristall

16. X-Ray Mineralogy of Sediments from the Far Western Pacific, Leg 20, DSDP

J.C. Matti, I. Zemmels, and H.E. Cook

17. Clay Mineralogy of Deep-Sea Sediments in the Northwestern Pacific, DSDP, Leg 20

Hakuyu Okada and Katsutoshi Tomita

18. Abyssal Feldspathic Sediments in the Northwestern Pacific

Hakuyu Okada

19. Diagenesis of a Seamount Oolite from the West Pacific, Leg 20, DSDP

Reinhard Hesse

20. Volcanic Glass in Abyssal Clays Sampled at DSDP Leg 20 Drilling Sites, Northwest Pacific

E. John W. Jones

21. Triaxial Compression Tests, Leg 20, Deep Sea Drilling Project

Michael B. Smith and George Z. Forristall

22. Interstitial Water Studies on Small Core Samples, Leg 20

Lee S. Waterman

23. Interstitial Water Chemistry: Deep Sea Drilling Project, Leg 20

B.J. Presley, R.R. Sims, and S.E. Feagley

24. R/V Thomas Washington Cruise Aries V: Reconnaissance Seismic Reflection Profiles of Prospective DSDP Sites in the Northwest Pacific

Bruce C. Heezen and Marie Tharp

25. Site Survey Report: Kana Keoki Sites 3 and 4 Honolulu to Ponape, 1971

R.G. Zachariadis

26. A Seismic Reflection Profile between the Bonin Trench and 160E

Thomas A. Davies

27. Total Field Magnetic Anomalies and Topography along a Traverse Between Japan and the Fiji Islands

E. John W. Jones and Bruce C. Heezen

28. Seismic Reflection Profiles Between Fiji, Guam, and Japan

Bruce C. Heezen and E. John W. Jones

29. A Model of Sedimentation on a Moving Plate, with an Application to the History of the North Pacific

George Z. Forristall

30. Determination of Sedimentary Velocities Using Expendable Sonobuoys at DSDP Leg 20 Drilling Sites, Northwest Pacific

E. John W. Jones

Part III: Cruise Synthesis

31. Biostratigraphic Synthesis, Leg 20, DSDP

Helen P. Foreman, Heinz Hekel, Robert H. Hoskins, and Valeri A. Krasheninnikov

32. Western Pacific Guyots

B.C. Heezen, J.L. Matthews, R. Catalano, J. Natland, A. Coogan, M. Tharp, and M. Rawson

33. The Post-Jurassic Sedimentary Sequence on the Pacific Plate; a Kinematic Interpretation Of Diachronous Deposits

B.C. Heezen, I.D. MacGregor, H.P. Foreman, G.Z. Forristall, H. Hekel, R. Hesse, R.H. Hoskins, E.J.W. Jones, A.G. Kaneps, V.A. Krasheninnikov, H. Okada, and M.H. Ruef

Part IV: Appendices

Appendix I. Carbon and Carbonate Analyses, Leg 20

Gerald W. Bode

Appendix II. Grain Size Analysis, Leg 20

Gerald W. Bode

Part V: Geochemical Investigations in the Caribbean Sea, Leg 15

Preliminary Pages

1. Interstitial Water Studies, Leg 15, Introduction and Summary

Wallace S. Broecker

2. Interstitial Water Studies, Leg 15, New Procedures and Equipment

Ross M. Horowitz, Lee S. Waterman, and Wallace S. Broecker

3. Interstitial Water Studies, Leg 15, Dissolved Gases at Site 147

Douglas E. Hammond, Ross M. Horowitz, Wallace S. Broecker, and Richard Bopp

4. Interstitial Water Studies, Leg 15, Chemical and Isotopic Composition of Gases from Cariaco Trench Sediments

Graeme L. Lyon

5. Interstitial Water Studies, Leg 15, Isotopic Measurements on CO2 Gas from Gas Pockets in Deep-Sea Cores, Site 147

Jan van Donk and Guy Mathieu

6. Interstitial Water Studies, Leg 15, Inert Gases

W. Brian Clarke, Ross M. Horowitz, and Wallace S. Broecker

7. Interstitial Water Studies on Small Core Samples—Leg 15

Fred L. Sayles, Frank T. Manheim, and Lee S. Waterman

8. Interstitial Water Studies, Leg 15, Major Ions Br, Mn, NH3, Li, B, Si and δC13

Bob J. Presley, James Culp, Chari Petrowski, and Isaac R. Kaplan

9. A Micro-Volumetric Determination of Sulfate in Pore Waters

B.S. Cescon and G.R. Macchi

10. Interstitial Water Studies, Leg 15, Alkalinity, pH, Mg, Ca, Si, PO4, and NH4

Joris M. Gieskes

11. Interstitial Water Studies, Leg 15, a Comparison of the Major Element and Carbonate Chemistry Data from Sites 147, 148, and 149

Douglas E. Hammond

12. Interstitial Water Studies, Leg 15, Study of CO2 Released from Stored Deep-Sea Sediments

Jaw-Long Tsou, Douglas E. Hammond, and Ross M. Horowitz

13. Interstitial Water Studies, Leg 15, Dissolved Carbon Dioxide Concentrations

Taro Takahashi, Linda A. Prince, and Lawrence J. Felice

14. Interstitial Water Studies, Leg 15, Chemical Model of Seawater and Saline Waters

H. James Simpson and Taro Takahashi

15. Interstitial Water Studies, Leg 15, δ018 in Sulfate Ion

R. Michael Lloyd

16. Interstitial Water Studies, Leg 15, Stable Oxygen and Carbon Isotope Variations in Water, Carbonates, and Silicates from the Venezuela Basin (Site 149) and the Aves Rise (Site 148)

James R. Lawrence

17. Interstitial Water Studies, Leg 15, Isotopic Composition of Water

Irving Friedman and Kenneth Hardcastle

18. Organic Geochemical Studies: Introduction and Summary

John M. Hunt

19. Preliminary Organic Geochemical Analyses of the Cariaco Trench Site 147 Deep Sea Drilling Project, Leg 15

Bernd R. Simoneit, W. Glenn Howells, and A.L. Burlingame

20. Cyclical Geochemical Properties of Organic Matter in Cariaco Basin Cores—Leg 15, Site 147

Richard D. McIver

21. Characterization of the Organic Matter in a Site 147 Core from the Cariaco Trench

Thomas C. Hoering

22. Amino Acids, Amino Sugars, and Ammonia in Sediments from the Cariaco Trench

P.E. Hare

23. Chlorophyll Derivatives in Sediments, Site 147

Earl W. Baker and G. Dale Smith

24. Racemization of Isoleucine in Cores from Leg 15, Site 148

Jeffrey L. Bada and Eugene H. Man

Appendix I: Grain Size Analyses, Leg 15

Gerald W. Bode

Back Pocket Foldouts

Plate 1. Figures 1–4.

Plate 2. Computed theoretical distribution of sedimentary facies in the Pacific Ocean according to the analytical model of Pacific sedimentation (see text).

Plate 3. Summary of lithology vs. age for Pacific DSDPsite through Leg 20. Sites are projected to construct five trans-Pacific profiles.

Plate 4. Lithology vs. age cross sections of the Pacific based on DSDP data through Leg 20.

DSDP Data and Samples


Citation information about scientific publications related to this and other DSDP legs is available in the Ocean Drilling Citation Database.