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DSDP Volume XCIV Table of Contents

Publication date: May 2007

Preliminary Pages

Part I: Introduction and Site Reports

1. Introduction, Background, and Explanatory Notes, Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 94, North Atlantic Ocean

Shipboard Scientific Party

2. Site 606

Shipboard Scientific Party

3. Site 607

Shipboard Scientific Party

4. Site 608

Shipboard Scientific Party

5. Site 609

Shipboard Scientific Party

6. Site 610

Shipboard Scientific Party

7. Site 611

Shipboard Scientific Party

Part II: Additional Data Reports

8. Site Surveys of Deep Sea Drilling Project Sites 608, 610, and 611

C.L. Jacobs

9. Middle Eocene to Miocene Planktonic foraminifers from Deep Sea Drilling Project Sites 608 and 610, Northeastern Atlantic

D.G. Jenkins

10. K-Ar Dates of Deep Sea Drilling Project Site 608 Basalts

D.E. Seidemann

Part III: Stratigraphy

11. Sediment Disturbance and Correlation of Offset Holes Drilled with the Hydraulic Piston Corer: Leg 94

W.F. Ruddiman, D. Cameron, and B.M. Clement

12. The Magnetostratigraphy of Leg 94 Sediments

B.M. Clement and F. Robinson

13. Coccolith Biostratigraphy of the North Atlantic Ocean, Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 94

T. Takayama and T. Sato

Part IV: Paleoceanography

14. Late Miocene to Recent Planktonic Foraminifers from the North Atlantic: Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 94

P.P.E. Weaver

15. Diatom Biostratigraphy of the Middle- and High-Latitude North Atlantic Ocean, Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 94

J.G. Baldauf

16. Radiolarians from the North Atlantic Ocean, Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 94

M.J. Westberg-Smith, L.E. Tway, and W.R. Riedel

17. North Atlantic Quaternary Silicoflagellates, Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 94

D. Bukry

18. Palynology and Dinoflagellate Biostratigraphy of Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 94, Sites 607 and 611, North Atlantic Ocean

P.J. Mudie

19. Bolboforma from North Atlantic Sites, Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 94

J.W. Murray

20. Magnetobiostratigraphy of Planktonic Foraminiferal Datums: Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 94, North Atlantic

P.P.E. Weaver and B.M. Clement

21. Geomagnetic Polarity Transition Records from Five Hydraulic Piston Core Sites in the North Atlantic

B.M. Clement and D.V. Kent

22. Paleoenvironmental Results from North Atlantic Sites 607 and 609

W.F. Ruddiman, A. McIntyre, and M. Raymo

23. Stable Isotope Stratigraphy and Amino-Acid Empimerization for the Last 2.4 m.y. at Site 610, Holes 610 and 610A

E. Jansen and H.P. Sejrup

24. Comparison of the Pleistocene Records of the Radiolarian Cycladophora davisiana at High-Latitude Sites of the Deep Sea Drilling Project

J.J. Morley

25. Pliocene-Pleistocene Paleoceanography of the North Atlantic at Deep Sea Drilling Project Site 609

M.E. Raymo, W.F. Ruddiman, and B.M. Clement

26. Pliocene Discoaster Abundance Variations, Deep Sea Drilling Project Site 606: Biochronology and Paleoenvironmental Implications

J. Backman and P. Pestiaux

27. Pliocene Stable-Isotope Record of Deep Sea Drilling Project Site 606: Sequential Events of 18O Enrichment Beginning at 3.1 Ma

L.D. Keigwin

28. Middle Pliocene Change in Planktonic Foraminiferal Fauna at Site 606

L.M. Ehrmann and L.D. Keigwin

29. Paleoceanographic Significance of Late Miocene to Early Pliocene Planktonic Foraminifers at Deep Sea Drilling Project Site 609

P.W.P. Hooper and P.P.E. Weaver

30. North Atlantic Late Miocene Stable-Isotope Stratigraphy, Biostratigraphy, and Magnetostratigraphy

L.D. Keigwin, M.-P. Aubry, and D.V. Kent

31. Benthic Foraminifers and Neogene Bottom-Water Masses at Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 94 North Atlantic Sites

J.W. Murray

32. Benthic Foraminiferal Carbon Isotopic Records and the Development of Abyssal Circulation in the Eastern North Atlantic

K.G. Miller, R.G. Fairbanks, and E. Thomas

33. Late Oligocene to Recent Benthic foraminifers from Deep Sea Drilling Project Sites 608 and 610, Northeastern North Atlantic

E. Thomas

34. Biostratigraphic and Paleoceanographic Interpretation of Lower and Middle Miocene Sediments, Rockall Plateau Region, North Atlantic Ocean

J.G. Baldauf

35. A Streamlined Foraminiferal Transfer Function for the Subpolar North Atlantic

W.F. Ruddiman and A. Esmay

Part V: Sediment Drifts

36. Deep Circulation in the Southern Rockall Trough—The Oceanographic Setting of Site 610

R.R. Dickson and R.B. Kidd

37. Characteristics of Sediments from Feni and Gardar Drifts, Sites 610 and 611, Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 94

P.R. Hill

38. The Magnetic Fabric of Neogene and Quaternary Sediments on the Feni and Gardar Drifts, Northeastern Atlantic, Deep Sea Drilling Project Sites 610 and 611

E.A. Hailwood, R.B. Kidd, and L. Dowling

39. X-Ray Mineralogy of the Clay Fraction from Cenozoic Strata, Leg 94: Comparison with Previous North Atlantic Data

C. Latouche, N. Maillet, and I. Philipps

40. Provenance Changes of Fine Quartz Sands in Glacial and Interglacial Intervals of the Feni and Gardar Drifts, North Atlantic: Fourier Shape Analysis

M.R. Eggers and R. Ehrlich

41. The Relationship between the “R2” Seismic Reflector and a Zone of Abundant Detrital and Authigenic Smectites, Deep Sea Drilling Project Hole 610, Rockall Plateau Region, North Atlantic

J.F. Dolan

42. Revised Tertiary Seismic Stratigraphy of the Southern Rockall Trough

D.G. Masson and R.B. Kidd

Part VI: Kings Trough Studies

43. Chalk Solution Structures in Cores from Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 94

P.R. Hill

44. On the Utility of Chemical Data for the Detection of Vertical Pore-Water Movement in Marine Sediments

T.R.S. Wilson and D.L. Miles

45. Correlation of Seafloor Spreading Magnetic Anomalies across King’s Trough, Northeast Atlantic Ocean

P.R. Miles and R.B. Kidd

Part VII: Syntheses

46. Magnetostratigraphic and Biostratigraphic Synthesis, Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 94

J.G. Baldauf, E. Thomas, B. Clement, T. Takayama, P.P.E. Weaver, J. Backman, G. Jenkins, P.J. Mudie, and M.J. Westberg-Smith

47. Leg 94 Paleoenvironmental Synthesis

W.F. Ruddiman, J. Backman, J. Baldauf, P. Hooper, L. Keigwin, K. Miller, M. Raymo, and E. Thomas

48. Sedimentation on Feni and Gardar Sediment Drifts

R.B. Kidd and P.R. Hill

49. The Geology and Formation of the King’s Trough Complex in the Light of Deep Sea Drilling Project Site 608 Drilling

R.B. Kidd and A.T.S. Ramsay

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Chapter 49:

Figure 3. Gloria sonograph mosaic of the King’s Trough complex.
Figure 4. Bathymetry of King’s Trough in corrected meters showing the locations of detailed dredge and rock core sampling at King’s Trough axis and Palmer Ridge and of drilling at Site 608.

DSDP Data and Samples


Citation information about scientific publications related to this and other DSDP legs is available in the Ocean Drilling Citation Database.